Eliminate the long process

This hiring process across sourcing, shortlisting, interviewing, offering and resigning enables as little as 4 weeks from delivery to completion.

You are in a battle for talent. Hiring and retaining the right people is an antidote to the demands and expectations facing your security program.

This process can catapult a business forward if you’re looking at making multiple or single hires.

We network globally to find the best talent. We identify, qualify, covert and submit individuals with specialist skills and experience who can contribute to your teams and deliver complex projects within your scope.

We have carved out the most efficient methods and benchmarks for this process, which can be particularly effective in situations of sudden growth – where you might not have the resources to effectively fill the positions quickly. We have the network and experience working on time-critical hiring requirements and where to locate top talent quickly.

By leveraging expertise and insight built over years, Campaign Search allow organisations to confidently meet target hiring goals without compromising on quality of candidate.

For maximum results, we make sure we standardise your recruitment process. Measuring metrics like time-to-hire, employee retention rate, etc. and assessing them over time is extremely important to unearth insight about our recruitment efforts.

It is imperative that we develop smart, forward-thinking solutions to filling vacancies that maximise resources, efficiently deliver results and make the most of your time and investment.

We initially shortlist candidates and cherry-pick talent based on your feedback.

Our solutions have the flexibility to react and respond in size, shape and scale in the face of changing hiring demands.

The client feedback and results are always enjoyably impressive.

Our commitment to you

Phase One
Week One
  • Longlist
  • Targeted research.
  • Market intelligence and insight.

Phase Two
Week Two

  • Shortlist
  • Qualify and convert
  • Technical tests / telephone / video interviews.

Phase Three
Week Three

  • Pre-agreed interview slots
  • Final Interviews
  • Final Interviews

Phase Four
Week Four

  • Acceptance
  • Resignation
  • Start Date confirmed

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