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CybConnect is launched with the appetite to become the partner of choice within niche sectors across the globe. By utilising our knowledge, experience and networks, we power your brand and capability within niche sectors.

CybConnect specialise in delivering teams and projects around the world related to Cyber Security, DevOps and Transformation Change.

We’ve developed our business alongside the emerging technology trends, our clear focus provides both candidates and clients with the knowledge, market insight and implications needed to successfully navigate through the process. We’ve built a global capability to help organisations acquire the individual skills and team capabilities they need.

Our talent is finding yours and we are constantly developing new ways to identify and track top skills outside of the conventional go-to-platforms. We effectively and efficiently headhunt, qualify, convert, and retain the highest quality talent for your business.

Our success lies in having a deep understanding of our markets and the ability to access a sophisticated network of contacts built up over several years. Working closely with industry experts and playing a key role in client developments and business growth.

Drawing on our access to a passive talent pool, we increase the calibre of talent by sourcing candidates who are in high demand. We leverage our extensive global networks in order to connect you with a wider range of talent.

Our team are selective within their approach, nurturing and maintaining strong relationships based on trust and transparency with both our candidates and clients.

Targeting the untapped market

CybConnect have in-depth knowledge of the industry. Repeat business is what drives us, fulfilling your recruitment needs as your company grows, reacting to industry trends, and market forces. We follow our candidate’s careers closely, making sure that we are in the right place to collaborate on new opportunities.

Candidates draw inferences about the recruiter’s security awareness. In order to successfully attract top-tier talent, we foster strong relationships by interacting with the information security community on its terms. We attend talks, meetups, leading events, and relevant conferences. Anywhere the leading professionals go, we follow.

We showcase your assets. We understand your business and types of services and products you have invested in to help fortify your defense against attacks (e.g. advanced monitoring, automated incident response, etc.)


Transforming your recruitment process

When Information Security was introduced many years ago, organisations faced a steep learning and awareness curve. Ongoing communication channels with functional leaders are critical to successful execution. Market trends, economics, talent availability and regulatory changes are just a few examples that can compel shifts in talent strategies. We embrace agility and have structures in place that allow teams to pivot as necessary. Companies of all sizes and industries have enjoyed extraordinary success by replicating specific strategies to improve recruitment processes and results

Behind every piece of technology, is a person. We connect those people with the organisations and companies that need them the most.

Founded by Jessica Graham, Group Managing Director. CybConnect is launched with the appetite to become the partner of choice within niche sectors across the globe. By utilising our knowledge, experience and networks, we power your brand and capability within niche sectors.

Why are we different

We have a strong talent management strategy when attacking a passive market. Knowing and understanding every requirement and the importance behind this is crucial. We understand the implications of not having these individuals on board and the urgency behind this without diluting quality. We have built long-term relationships with both our candidates and clients and we move with the market. We put in the time to educate and challenge assumptions and biases to position your business as the employer of choice for Cyber Security employees. Information Security is a candidate driven vertical. We understand that understanding security is the biggest thing but having a network and credibility is key. Recruiting heavily into Managed Services, Consultancy, Vendor and End User gave us the full spectrum of team building and the mechanics of Security posture.

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